Cruise Lines Try to Limit their Liability Against Lawsuits – What You Need to Know

No company wants to be sued – especially the cruise lines. It’s bad for business; the publicity is bad and too many lawsuits may turn away prospective passengers.

But injuries happen on cruise ships (and more often than most passengers realize).

Limiting Liablity

So what do cruise lines do to limit the amount of lawsuits filed against them for injury claims? They throw up roadblocks and make the legal process difficult for hurt and frustrated passengers who are seeking compensation for their injuries.

Many cruise lines try to limit their liability by requiring passengers to take certain steps before filing a lawsuit. That may include:

  • providing written notice of the injury within a certain period of time after it occurs
  • bringing a claim within a certain period of time
  • and suing in a specific court in a specific state

These are just a few ways….there are many others tactics being used.

The cruise lines have powerful law firms working for them – do you?

Many passengers that we speak with are often confused as to how to start the process of filing a claim (yes – it can be confusing when you try to do it yourself). It’s important to note that a lawyer can help. They know the law and they know the processes involved as well as the tactics of the cruise line’s lawyers.

Questions about a Negligence or Liability as it Pertains to an Injury on a Cruise Ship?

If you believe negligence played a roll in your injury (in the pool, around the pool, on a slide or on any waterpark feature, tender, gangplank, etc.), please contact our office. We’ve seen thousands of injuries suffered on cruise ships – and many are eligible for legal action!

Here Is What We Can Do For You:

  • We talk with you – it’s a FREE Consultation
  • We understand all the details of your accident or injury
  • We offer legal advice and establish a plan of action
  • You decide to hire us to work on your behalf against the big cruise lines
  • We fight for compensation of your injuries

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