Cruise Injuries: Caused By Simple Accident or Something More?

As Miami cruise ship injury lawyers, we speak with thousands of injured passengers each year.

One of the most common concerns we hear when talking to clients is –– was my injury just an accident –– or did something contribute to the accident that was beyond my control? And should I really be talking to a lawyer?


The reality is that thousands of accidents do happen on cruise ships ever year. Someone stubs their toe on state room furniture and cracks a toe. Running kids slip on a wet spot near the pool and break an arm. Many of these accidents are simply just accidents –– no one is at fault and there is no one to blame.

Yet, many cruise ship accidents and injuries do occur because of the negligence of the cruise line or its crew members. Perhaps a freshly mopped floor near the ice cream machines was not monitored by a crew member, cordoned off from passengers or had a yellow ‘wet floor’ sign in plain view. If this caused someone to slip and fall and an injury was sustained by a passenger, then the cruise line may have acted in a negligent manner and be responsible for the injury.

For most passengers, however, they have a difficult time truly understanding if the cruise ship’s negligence played a role in their injury. Did they fall because of torn carpeting? Was a stairway railing in poor condition? Did an improperly functioning automatic door close on them?

Our experienced attorneys have been reviewing injured passenger claims for more than 35 years. With that experience, we know what questions to ask of the passenger who calls us and, if hired to navigate a claim, we know the questions that must be asked of the cruise line and its representatives.

Our advice to hurt passengers is this –– if you were hurt on a cruise, regardless of whether you think it was a simple accident or not –– the smart thing to do is to have a brief conversation with an attorney.

Most personal injury lawyers don’t charge you to have this conversation. We certainly don’t. Essentially, you’re able to get free legal information and insightful advice from attorneys who have worked with thousands of injured passengers.

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