Contacting a Cruise Injury Lawyer A Good First Step

consider a cruise ship lawyer if you've been hurt on a cruise

With 20 million people cruising each year, something is bound to go wrong

Cruise ships are essentially floating cities. Day in and day out in ports all across the world, cruise ships and passengers disembark on what are generally enjoyable, relaxing vacations.

For most people, the cruise vacation is just that – a vacation free from worry.

Yet, with so many people traveling, the risk of injury or other complications can arise.

People fall going down stairwells. Suitcases left in a hallway pose threats. Broken glass near the pool causes cuts to feet and legs. Even sexual assaults occur on cruises.

So what happens if you were the one injured on a cruise ship?

The truth is, contacting an attorney is probably the last thing on your mind if you were injured.

Your first line of thought is getting medical help, both on the ship or when you return home. You might have a report written up if there was an accident reported on your cruise. If you visited the medical staff on the boat, there should have been an incident report.

But all in all, recovering from your injury is job #1.

A lawyer can provide insight and help for you

It’s only after the cruise is over do most people think, “hey, maybe should talk to someone at the cruise line because I’ve got all these medical costs and the injury wasn’t even my fault!”

And that’s where most people start. They contact the cruise line and are told they need to file an injury claim. What they don’t know is that while the cruise line may seem helpful, this is a process that will often become confusing and frustrating.

The reality is that if you were hurt on a cruise, you should speak with an experienced lawyer who can help. This doesn’t mean you have a valid claim and can sue the cruise line for compensation necessarily, but it’s a good first step to have an attorney review your case and let them tell you what the next steps should be.

An experienced attorney probably has dealt with a case similar to yours in the past

With over 25 years of specialized focus on cruise ship injury accident lawsuits, our attorney have seen and heard just about everything.

We also understand the hesitation that comes with deciding whether to call a lawyer to help with your injury lawsuit – or whether not to call one. Many passengers contact the cruise lines first, then continue to work with them, even after the cruise lines make communicating difficult and ineffectual.

Quite often, it’s only after continued frustration in dealing directly with the cruise lines that passengers finally “throw their hands up” and call our firm.

Finding a cruise injury lawyer or law firm to help you is not always easy. We realize that.

After an injury and treatment, the last thing you may want to do is to contact a lawyer, but the truth is that our firm fully understands the complexities of dealing with cruise lines who generally don’t want to recognize your injury or provide you with compensation.

We can help you understand your rights – and – develop a plan for fighting Royal Caribbean for fair compensation within the law.

Free reviews of your accident

We’ll be happy to speak with you – on the phone or in person – about your case specifically – as well as our specific experience – representing other passengers in their lawsuits against Royal Caribbean.

Please let us know how we can help you.

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