Celebrity Cruises Crewmember awarded $2.5 Million for Broken Leg at hands of fellow crewmember


Broken leg gets crewmember $2.5 million settlement.

According to a report in CruiseCritic.com, a Celebrity Cruise crewmember “has been awarded $2.5 million in damages after a court in Miami upheld his complaint against a fellow crewmember who broke his leg.

The victim was sent him home with no compensation for shelter, food, medical care, surgery, therapy or medication. In his complaint, he said he suffered severely as a result of Celebrity’s negligence, including a deformed right leg that will require several additional operations.”

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While leg breaks are relatively common injuries aboard cruise ships, blatant cases of cruise ship injury lawyerassault whose results are leg fractures is much less common.

Generally, leg and ankle injuries happen because of wet or slippery decks, crowded bars and discos or traditional slip and falls caused by any number of things.

Negligence or Accident?

At times, these injuries can be attributed to the negligence of the crew or the cruise line. And sometimes they can occur from sheer accident.  Even then, the proper treatment of the injury must be maintained.

Have you broken a leg on a cruise ship, needed medical attention and questioned the response of the cruise line in helping you tend to your injury? If so, you may want to talk with an attorney who has handled numerous leg break cases on cruise ships.

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