7 Things Not To Do On A Cruise Ship


While cruise ship vacations are most often fun, enjoyable and relaxing for passengers, certain actions can lead to illness, injury and potentially even death.

**Personal responsibility can help you bypass most scenarios that may increase your chances of being injured on a cruise.**

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7 Things Not To Do On A Cruise Ship

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# 1 – Don’t sit or stand on the railings: This tip might be a bit obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people do it and end up falling overboard.

# 2 – Don’t overindulge on booze: A recent trend among cruise lines are all-you-can-drink packages. Booze will always compromise your judgment, perception, and behavior. Booze on a boat is the same as booze on land — only you are moving forward at 20 knots and perhaps pitching back and forth in 20-foot seas.

# 3 – Don’t bring high-priced possessions on board: Theft is a common occurrence on cruise ships. So, don’t bother bringing expensive jewelry, clothing, or electronics on board – unless you plan on locking them away in the cabin’s safe.

# 4 – Don’t flush the toilet while sitting on it: Many cruise ship toilets use a vacuum suction to remove waste from the toilet.  The suction is so great you can really be injured.

# 5 – Don’t ignore the hand sanitizers: Most cruise travelers sail happily and healthily, but anytime you step out of your daily routine and into a floating city full of people, you can come in contact with all sorts of ailments. Hand sanitizer stands have become common on cruise ships over the past decade as the industry has increased efforts to reduce the number of shipboard outbreaks of communicable gastro-intestinal illnesses such as norovirus.

# 6 – Don’t use your cellphone at sea: Taking your cell phone on a cruise ship isn’t necessarily a bad idea. However, NOT turning your cell phone off on the ship is a bad idea. Cruise Dude reports international data charges/roaming fees can run as high as $9.99 per minute.

# 7 – Don’t ignore the safety briefing: Every cruise ship passenger will be given a mandatory safety briefing, including on-ship evacuation procedure, before leaving port.

Injured on a Cruise Vacation?

If you were injured on a cruise vacation trip – and you believe your injury was caused due to the negligence of the crew or staff on the cruise ship – you may have questions that a cruise ship injury lawyer could help answer.

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