Can I sue because I tripped on a cruise ship?

A common question we hear at is, “can I sue the cruise line because I tripped on the ship.”

The answer is…it depends.

If you tripped and were not injured, then you really don’t have a case.

If you tripped, were injured and believe the accident was due to the negligence or intent of the cruise ship (or their crew), then yes, you might have a real claim.

How do tripping accidents occur on cruise ships?

We’ve worked with passengers who’ve slipped on wet floors and have suffered painful injuries. We’ve also worked for passengers who’ve taken a stumble down stairs or ramps.

Greasy dining room floors can be a hazard. Freshly washed decks pose a liability. Crowded areas of the ship can be dangerous.

Tripping can lead to broken bones, concussions, internal injuries, fractured ribs and other injuries. These injuries can be painful, long-lasting and potentially costly in that medical bills can pile up or missed time at work may become a factor.


Was the injury an accident – or did negligence play a role. This is the question that will need to be answered.

If you’ve been injury on a cruise vacation and believe you have a claim, please call us today. The details surrounding your claim are very important and we’d like to discuss them with you. We can then help you better understand the merit and potential success of your claim.

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