Are you at risk for a cruise ship injury?

The simple fact is, an accident or injury or illness will occur on a cruise ship on every cruise line.

With over 17 million people traveling on cruise ships each year, the chance of a serious injury exists – and injury from physical assault, sexual assault, trips, falls and alcohol related accidents is more common than people think. 

Am I at risk?


And these chances are increased when negligence on the part of the cruise lines or their crew occurs.

How to stay safe?

  • be aware of your surrounding
  • follow posted signs and instructions
  • obey the rules of the ship
  • heed warnings when posted
  • reduce alcohol intake if possible
  • keep a watchful eye on your children and teens

You can reduce your chances for injury simply by having an understanding of how accidents could occur and then using common sense to avoid them. Cruise vacations should be enjoyable and fun and for most passengers they will be.

If you’ve been injury on a cruise vacation and believe you have a claim, please call us today. We can help you better understand the merit and potential success of your claim.

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