Can I Sue A Cruise Ship If I Am Injured?

This is a question we receive quite often – “can I sue a cruise ship if I am injured – or was injured on a cruise?”

The answer to that depends. First, if you were to bring a case against a cruise ship, it would actually be against the cruise line (the owners of the ship), not the ship itself.

The basis of any case really depends on the ‘who, what, when, why and where’ of the accident or injury. What were the circumstances that led to your injury? How did it happen? There would be dozens of questions a cruise ship injury attorney would ask you to get a clear understanding of the circumstances.

The first step would be to contact a cruise ship injury attorney, especially one experienced in handling cruise ship accidents, injuries and illnesses.

The attorney would then walk you through the legal issues and help you determine whether you had grounds for a case – or whether you did not.

The ticket you signed (the agreement) to book the cruise contained rules and regulations – you essentially “agreed to” these rules when you booked the cruise, even though you may not have read through them all.

You may have limited abilities to sue. But an experienced attorney who has dealt with the cruise lines and the governing courts can help you understand your limitations, your rights and the opportunity to sue.

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