Can Crewmembers Sue Their Cruise Line Employer?

Sometime we find that crewmembers on cruise ships are unaware of the fact that they can file a lawsuit (or sue) the cruise line companies that employ them.

Yes – Crewmembers can sue a Cruise Line

Crewmembers often suffer the same injures as passengers – slips and falls that go untreated…sexual harassment and rape…physical assault and battery…sickness and medical malpractice.

They also can suffer from other injuries – contract violations…deportation…demotion… forced overtime hours and many other flagrant violations of the employer/employee privileges.

Often, these crewmembers don’t speak the language of their employers very well. Or they’re undereducated about their rights. It’s not uncommon for injured crew to feel as they have no one they can reach out to for answers and support.

We help Crewmembers file claims against the cruise lines.

We’ve heard the horror stories. We’ve talked to crew from all over the world who work for Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean and the other cruise lines. Most often, crewmembers are treated fairly and are cared for. But when certain situations arise, these crewmembers need tough, legal help.

The cruise lines pay powerful attorneys to defend them from complaints. It takes an experienced group of lawyers to help these injured employees fight.

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