If I break my arm on a Carnival Cruise Ship, what should I do?

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Here’s a question we’re often asked. “If I break my arm on a cruise ship, like Carnival Cruises, what should I do?”


If you sustain an injury such as a broken arm while on a Carnival Cruise or any other cruise ship, it’s essential to take prompt action to ensure proper medical care and assistance.


Here are the steps you should take:


Seek Immediate Medical Attention:

If you sustain a broken arm or any other injury onboard the cruise ship, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Most cruise ships have medical facilities and trained medical staff available to provide emergency medical care. Visit the ship’s medical center or notify a crew member of your injury so they can assist you in accessing medical care.


Receive Treatment:

Once you’re in the ship’s medical center, the medical staff will assess your injury and provide appropriate treatment. This may include stabilizing your arm, taking X-rays to diagnose the extent of the injury, and administering pain relief medication. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may require further medical attention or even evacuation to a shoreside medical facility.


Report the Incident:

It’s important to report the incident to the cruise ship’s staff and complete an accident report detailing how the injury occurred. This documentation is essential for insurance purposes and may be required if you decide to pursue a claim for compensation or reimbursement for medical expenses. Cruise line staff may not always provide documentation immediately or correctly. It’s important to be persistent with the staff. Keep track of staff names and positions and the dates you spoke with them.


Follow Medical Advice:

Follow the medical advice and treatment plan provided by the ship’s medical staff. This may include immobilizing your arm, taking prescribed medications, attending follow-up appointments, and adhering to any activity restrictions to facilitate healing. If the medical advices seems strange or counterintuitive, it may be. Medical staff is generally less experienced than at most medical facilities you are used to. We unfortunately deal with medical mistakes made by the cruise line medical staff.


Document the Injury:

Keep detailed records of your injury, including medical reports, X-rays, prescriptions, and receipts for any medical expenses incurred. This documentation will be important if you need to file a claim with your travel insurance provider or pursue legal action against the cruise line.


Contact Your Travel Insurance Provider:

If you have travel insurance, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to report the injury and initiate the claims process. Provide them with all necessary documentation to support your claim, including medical records and receipts for medical expenses.


Consider Legal Options:

If the injury was caused by negligence or unsafe conditions onboard the cruise ship, you may have legal options to seek compensation for your injuries and related expenses. Consult with a personal injury attorney who specializes in maritime law to explore your legal rights and options.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that you receive proper medical care and assistance in the event of a broken arm or any other injury while on a Carnival Cruise or any other cruise ship.


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