Boating Safety Tips and Info for Miami Boat Operators

With the greater Miami area being a “busy boating area” and with the rash of boating accidents we’ve seen lately (including the awful July Fourth crash off Dinner Key), it’s important to remember that safe boating is extremely important.

While out on the water, we ask that you please refrain from drinking while driving and pay attention to what other boaters are doing in the area around your vessel. Also, knowing your surroundings and having a good understanding of how to operate your boat will help keep you, your family and friends safe this summer.

  • keep drinking to a minimum / and no drinking while driving
  • know the rules of the water
  • know how to properly operate your boat
  • experienced boaters are safer boaters
  • know your surroundings
  • keep up with what other boat operators are doing
  • life preservers should be available for all passengers onboard

For more information on boating safety tips and information, please visit the Boating Safety Resource Center of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Also, here is an interesting infographic from the USCG.