Attorneys Bring Lawsuits Against Carnival Cruise Lines for Passenger Injuries

In our years representing passengers against cruise lines, we’ve worked against various cruise lines including Carnival Cruise Lines.

On occasion, passengers are injured in slip and fall accidents or through a variety of other mishaps that left them with broken bones, wrenched backs, missed time at work and medical bills. Or perhaps they became sick or had illnesses mistreated while aboard the ship.

Our job is to better understand the circumstances surrounding an event and help you, the passenger, determine if you have a case against the cruise line.

Whether you need help filing a lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines or another cruise line, we can help.

If you’d like to talk to a cruise ship injury attorney, please contact Waks and Barnett at 1-800-905-2891. Or fill out the form below and we can contact you.

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