Are Increasingly Large Cruise Ship Designs Safe for Passengers?

are big cruise ships safer cruise ships for passengers?

As cruise ship injury lawyers who have been representing injured passengers and crew for  over 25 years, the staff at Waks and Barnett, P.A. keep up to date with industry news and information as it may impact the cases of our clients.

Recent news shows that Celebrity Cruise Lines is building 2 new ships, though these ships will be ‘smaller’ vessels (at least smaller in size compared to some of the behemoths that sails the world’s oceans).

It reminds us though of some thoughts we had regarding the increasing size of cruise ships and how that increasing size might impact the safety of both passengers and crew.

Questions we might ask of the increasing large cruise ship designs:

  • If an emergency occurs, can passengers be safely treated and/or evacuated from the vessel?
  • Is there enough trained and experienced staff on board to deal with the large amounts of people – especially elderly passengers?
  • With crew turnover rates so high, are proper safety procedures being taught enough and with enough frequency to new crew?
  • Can food preparation be done correctly for so many people without someone getting sick?
  • Can rooms, bathrooms, swimming pools and other areas be cleaned well enough to limit sickness and infection?

*we don’t know the answers to these questions, but feel like they are important questions that should be asked of the industry, media and passengers.

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