6 Common Questions for Cruise Ship Injury Lawyers

As cruise ship injury lawyers, we’re often asked a series of questions when hurt passengers – or their family members – call our office.

Generally, the people we talk with are confused and frustrated. They were injured on a cruise vacation. The cruise line and its employees were generally not helpful. And on top of all that, they’ve faced painful injuries and are left wondering how they’ll pay for medical bills that are piling up.

They call us looking for answers, looking for help for a problem that quite often wasn’t their fault but they’re left with the burden of facing a potentially life-altering injury with long term financial implications.


What Are Some of those Common Questions from Injured Passengers?

✅ How do I determine who was responsible for the accident and resulting injury? If it was the cruise line or its employees, do I have the basis for legal action?

✅ How do I file a claim against the cruise line – or sue the cruise line for the injury I suffered?

✅ How do I get compensation from the cruise line to help pay for my medical bills, surgery costs, hospital stays and other costs associated with my injury?

✅ What about lost wages due to missed time at work because of my injuries?

✅ Why does my case have to be tried within Florida and why might I be required to hire the services of a Florida attorney?

✅ Why are cruise ship injury attorneys better suited to work on my case rather than another lawyer with no cruise line experience?

At Waks and Barnett, P.A. we’ve been providing answers to questions like these for more than 2 decades. We’ve helped hundreds of injured passengers understand what their legal options are and how to get started with legal action if necessary.

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