Yes, the circumstances surrounding your injury will determine your ability to sue the cruise line for medical reasons


Here is some simple legal advice:

If you were injured on a cruise ship, the specific circumstances surrounding your injury are extremely important and will help define your ability to file a claim and potentially receive a settlement or verdict for damages in your case.

Sometimes, illnesses and injuries are the result of simple accidents where no one is at fault – and you have no real ability to bring a lawsuit against the cruise line.

However, some injuries occur due to the negligence of the cruise line, its employees and other passengers.

  • Signs for wet or slippery decks are not posted and passengers slip, fall and break a bone or sustain a concussion
  • Passengers are not told of Norovirus outbreaks and people get sick
  • Food preparation areas are not cleaned properly
  • Proper precaution is not taken during emergency situations

These are just a few examples – there are dozens of ways passengers can become injured on a cruise vacation.

The job of a good, experienced cruise ship injury lawyer is to help you understand whether your claim has merit, and if it does, help you with the process of filing that claim against the cruise line. The lawyer will need to have as much information about the circumstances surrounding your injury to help you make the right decision.

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