4,000 Passengers on Norwegian Breakaway Experience Extreme Conditions as Cruise Ship Sails Through ‘Bomb Cyclone’

Norwegian Cruise Line passengers traveling on Breakaway encountered rough seas during Thursday’s winter storm. Reports of whipping winds and turbulent seas turned a relaxing cruise into a nightmare for many.

According to one passenger (who shot the video below), the boat experienced flooding bathrooms, leaking water and ice cold conditions. It left her and her children with a terrible impression.

“It was hell for me,” Christina Mendez told CBS News York. See full article here.

The vessel sailed right through the storm, leaving 4,000 passengers shaken. The U.S. Coast Guard say that sailing through rough conditions is left to a cruise ship captain’s discretion.

The question that’s asked by many is — did Norwegian risk the boat and its passengers to protect the bottom line? It’s a question asked often when cruise ship accidents or ‘near accidents’ make the headlines. Are cruise lines really doing enough to maintain safety for their guests?

Also according to the article:

Norwegian Cruise Line did not wish to appear on camera, but said in a statement that the Breakaway encountered stronger than forecasted weather conditions.

Video credit: Christina Mendez via CBSNews.com (see video and story here – click link).

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