Why Hurt Passengers, Who Are Confused and Frustrated, Contact Us

we help hurt cruise ship passengers sue the cruise lines

It’s been an interesting last few months. With the peak cruising time of the year in full swing through the summer, calls and emails to our office have been steady.

Passengers who were involved in accidents aboard cruise ships, and were injured as a result, have been reaching out to find out more about their rights.

They want to know what recourse they have. They want to know if injury claims can be filed, and if so, how do they go about doing that. They want to know if they can be compensated for injuries to help with their doctor bills, hospital and surgery bills, and even, missed time at work.

Often, these passengers are confused and frustrated. They’ve tried unsuccessfully to engage the cruise lines in an effort to get help. And because they’ve been unsuccessful, they’ve turned to our cruise injury law firm to help them.

Fortunately, we can help. That help may just be clarifying questions for hurt passengers or their family members. Sometimes that help me take the form of legal representation where we take up their claims and fight the cruise lines on their behalf.

We help passengers who were injured:

  • In slip and fall accidents
  • Who were hurt do to wet floors or deck
  • Who are dealing with broken bones, internal injuries and head injuries
  • Were victims of medical negligence or poor care
  • And much, much more…

How can we help you?

Have Questions for a Cruise Ship Personal Injury Attorney?

We’d enjoy speaking to you. It’s important not to let your questions go unanswered.

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