What is a Maritime Personal Injury Lawyer?


What is a Maritime Personal Injury Lawyer?

A maritime lawyer is primarily involved with a special set of laws and regulations dealing with people who may be injured on a ship or boat, as a result of either a work-related or recreational accident. maritime personal injury lawyer

And yes, often attorneys who represent passengers who have been injured on a cruise ship and want to file a claim against the cruise lines are maritime lawyers.

These lawyers can also represent crew members who were injured or became ill while working for an employer – a boat operator, owner or other group.

Why would you need a maritime attorney?

Maritime law is highly technical when it comes to where and when a maritime claim can be filed and the benefits which the victim of a maritime accident may be entitled to receive. A maritime attorney will have good working knowledge of related cases as well as the Jones Act and its coverage.

You might need a maritime attorney if you were a crew member who was injured on the job or a cruise ship passenger injured on your cruise vacation.

Although most maritime personal injury cases are settled, they must often first be litigated in court and, depending on the circumstances, the case may be brought either in a state or a federal court.

Decisions about where to file the claim, how a claim will be litigated, what witnesses to call, and whether a settlement offer is reasonable, are the role of a maritime lawyer.

In selecting a maritime lawyer, it is important to review the experience of the lawyer involved in handling the case, the ratings that he may have received, and whether or not the maritime lawyer is board certified.

What kind of injuries can maritime personal injury lawyers help with?

Physical injuries are not the only basis for lawsuits against the cruise lines or commercial working vessels. Claims might be filed for other personal injuries related to sexual harassment, assault, abuse or rape. 

Injury may also apply to medical mistreatment, malpractice or poor care that led to further medical injuries. It may also cover poor sanitary conditions and/or the spread of viruses and other illness.

The claim against an employer or a cruise line may also include help for medical bills, insurance issues and lost time at work / employment issues.

What will a maritime lawyer do for me?

An experienced maritime lawyer can help with almost any claim leveled against the cruise line if the claim has merit – or against an employer if you are a crew member or work on a commercial ship.

One of the main questions your lawyer will ask is, “do we believe that negligence lead to your injury?”

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