Waiter Files Claim Against Princess Cruises for Back Injury

Injuries Common for Crewmembers on Cruise Ships

It’s a common occurrence – crewmembers of cruise ships suing the cruise line they work princess cruise line accident for because of an injury sustained or an injury that could have been prevented.

It’s also common for these crewmembers to be treated with little care or concern regarding their injury. Getting the cruise line to accept responsibility or help with medical treatment, medical bills and a recovery plan is also difficult.

Often, it takes the effort of personal injury attorneys with cruise ship experience to get the cruise lines to take any real action.

Waiter Injured on Princess Cruise Line Vessel

Recently, Peter Simon a waiter on a Princess Cruise Lines ship filed a claim because he suffered a back injury while working. As a report in the The Southeast Texas Record shows ….

Prior to the incident in question, Simon was handling coffee cups in preparation for the guest dinner service on board the Crown Princess.

The suit says the plaintiff lifted a tray of cups when he injured his lumbar spine, insisting he lacked proper back support or suitable assistance from the respondent.

According to the original petition, the company sent Simon back to his native country to seek his own medical treatment “as the injury occurred near the completion of the plaintiff’s contract.”

Hungarian physicians determined the complainant suffered a herniation which caused “uncomfortable shooting pain down the plaintiff’s leg.”

Simon explains that his doctors ordered him to make lifestyle changes in order to “avoid straining his spine due to the disk herniation, nerve root compression and spondylosis.”

Said changes prompted the plaintiff to end his waitering career as well as “to many activities the plaintiff normally enjoyed,” the suit says.

Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

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