Two Carnival Cruise Ship Passengers Missing in Jamaica?

missing cruise ship passengers

Many details still unclear

According to various reports, like this one from the Jamaica Observer, two men have gone missing in Jamaica after disembarking from a Carnival Cruise ship that had

The men, 42-year-old Shelby Person and 45-year-old Tyrone Rideout, got off the Carnival Victory on January 12 in the port of Falmouth. Both are American citizens from Maryland.

According to the article published on Tuesday, Jan. 13th,….

“Information received is that both Person and Rideout disembarked the vessel shortly after its arrival in the island about 10:00 am and left the pier for an undisclosed destination.

Police have conducted checks at various hospitals as well as the surrounding communities but their searches have proved futile.”

Missing, crime victims, just not found yet?

Speculation in incidents like this often go from the ordinary to extraordinary very quickly. Was foul play involved with these two cruise ship passengers? Did something happen in Jamaica once they left the port?

We don’t know. Details of yet are few and far between. We’ll wait to hear more updates as they become available.

Missing passenger uncommon, but not unheard of

Passengers do go missing from cruise ships. With nearly 20 million passengers cruising each year, there are instances where passengers “go missing” or unaccounted for.

Rarely is there foul play involved though odd cases do happen. Most often, passengers are lost without a way to get back to the cruise ship.

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