What are Common Slip and Fall Hazards on Cruise Ships?

Slip and fall accidents area a common occurrence on cruise ships.

If you are a cruise ship passenger heading out of a Florida port – Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Canaveral, Tampa or others – it’s important to be aware of the potential hazards before you even board the vessel.

Wet decks are the main cause of these incidents. Whether as part of regular ship maintenance, from spilled drinks, rain or the sea washing over the side, it’s possible for passengers to injure themselves because proper care isn’t taken to eliminate or minimize these hazards.

Cruise ships wash down the decks in the early morning or at night. They close the deck area or post warning signs. If these warnings are ignored or aren’t posted as required, passengers may walk normally through the area and not take the necessary precautions.

The fact that the ship is moving can cause passengers or crew carrying drinks to lose their balance and spill the liquids. If not cleaned up or cordoned off promptly, these wet spots are a potential hazard to unsuspecting passengers.

With the ship at sea and out in the elements, it’s possible for rain or for high seas coming over the rail to cause wet decks. In these instances, the ship needs to alert passengers to the potential hazards so they can be cautious if they venture out on deck.

Passengers should also be concerned if a storm will cross the path of the ship. It may be necessary for the ship to make abrupt navigational changes. This maneuvering can cause passengers to lose their balance and fall from the poor footing.

Another possible hazard is poor maintenance of the deck. The nonskid deck paint wears down over time and the resulting loss of its frictional properties creates slippery spots on the deck.

While the cruise line is responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the deck, passengers should still be aware of potential hazards.

If an accident does occur, understand that as a cruise line passenger, you do have legal recourse if you are injured or incapacitated.

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