Teenager Sustains Broken Finger at Camp Carnival, Mom Wonders What the Next Steps Are?

Camp Carnival, which offers onboard activities for kids and teens, is generally a great place for kids to hang out.

Every so often however, a child is injured. It’s our duty to determine if the injury was ‘just and accident’ or was the result of something the cruise line or it’s employees did or did not do — and which caused the injury to occur.

Like any good mother, we were contacted by the teenager’s mom. She was wondering “what to do” and whether she needed an attorney to help her out with making a claim to Carnival.

Though the medical staff at Carnival put the child’s finger into a temporary cast, the mother said that after they arrived back home, an orthopedic surgeon who re-x-rayed it showing a diagonal crack. It was cast and she was in it for about 4 to 6 weeks. The teenage then complained about the finger still being feeling pain and the finger being crooked.

Injuries included:

  •  broken finger

The question for our firm when passengers injuries like this are reported to us are:

  • What role did the Carnival play (if any) in this accident?
  • Was Carnival or its employees negligent in their actions or policies?
  • Was the cruise line at fault?
  • Could the cruise line be held liable for the passenger’s injury, healthcare and loss of wages?

A potential case like this one sparks many questions and requires the collection of facts, documentation and other information so we can help determine “what happened” and “why it happened.”

This case is also no different than other potential cases that cross our desks each day. Our goal is to help each cruise ship injury victim to prove their case and get the compensation they deserve.

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