Sun Princess Cruise Ship Passenger Overboard

passenger overboardVarious news outlets report that a Princess Cruises passenger went overboard from the Sun Princess while the vessel was traveling on a multi-day cruise in the East China Sea.

The incident occurred on August 9 around 6am in the morning.

The woman, a 41 year old from Taiwan, was traveling with two relatives. She apparently went over the railing on the 11th deck of the Sun Princess, falling into the ocean below.

According to the cruise line as reported on CNN, “surveillance footage showed her “intentionally” going over a railing on the 11th deck and falling into the sea and that she was alone at the time.”

The vessel reversed course and with the help of the Japanese Coast Guard, found the woman. Focus Taiwan reported the woman was brought aboard the Sun Princess, checked by the ship’s medical staff and pronounced dead.

In a statement, Princess Cruises expressed regret over the incident and thanked the Japanese Coast Guard for its assistance in the search.

CNN reports “after the Sun Princess returned to Keelung in Taiwan on Sunday it was boarded by Taiwan Coast Guard officials who are investigating to determine whether there was any foul play involved in the woman’s death.