Stay Safe on Carnival Cruise Ships This July 4th Weekend!

If you’re like tens of thousands of other people boarding a Carnival Cruise Ship this weekend, your main focus is on relaxation, excitement and adventure. And it should be – have fun on your vacation! personal injury help for cruise passengers

The cruise lines do a great job of offering an enjoyable environment – it’s what they do best.

But during your trip, please be careful as well. As a law firm whose core focus is helping passengers who have been injured on cruise ships, we’ve seen too many injuries that have happened when fun and excitement get out of hand.

Here are a few simple tips to help you avoid cruise ship accidents and injury

Watch the alcohol. Passengers often drink more than they are used to. That can put them in dangerous situations, making them more susceptible to slip and fall accidents, fights, physical and sexual assaults and much more.

Take note of kids. Also with so much going on these cruise ship like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney and others, it’s easy to lose track of your children or take care of older relatives.

Watch your step. The most common accident on cruise ships? Slip and fall accidents. Cabins, stairways, busy hallways, crowded areas and wet decks offer more many opportunities to lose your balance, slip, fall and injury yourself.

Be careful around pools. Pools, water features (and even the bathroom of your cabin) can be slippery. Watch for standing water and avoid it when possible. When swimming, take not of your surroundings and others in the pool. Obey the rules that the cruise line and crew members have posted.

We wish you a safe and happy fourth of July vacation if you’re cruising. Have fun out there!