Sick Passenger Airlifted From Cruise Ship Off Coast of San Diego

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According to news reports in San Diego, a man was airlifted from the Carnival Cruise Ship Inspiration to a hospital in San Diego.

34-year-old man suffering from appendicitis symptoms aboard a cruise ship was evacuated to a San Diego hospital Sunday for emergency medical treatment.

Crew members aboard the cruise ship Carnival Inspiration contacted the U.S. Coast Guard at 7:15 a.m. Sunday from about 35 miles southwest of San Diego to request a medical-evacuation for the sick man, according to a USCG statement.

An MH-60 Jayhawk crew from Coast Guard Sector San Diego flew to the ship’s location, hoisted the man into the aircraft and transported him back to San Diego, the agency said.

Don’t Get Sick or Injured on a Cruise Ship if You Can Help It

Medical emergencies are relatively commonplace on cruise ships as millions of passengers travel on vacations each year.  People get sick, either by something that occurs on the ship and excursions, or from pre-exisiting conditions that worsen.

It’s often said that ‘cruise ships are not places you want to get sick on or be injured on.’ The level of medical competency is often much lower than what might be expected. Doctors and other medical staff or less experienced and less equipped to handle severe injuries or medical emergencies.

It’s often why you’ll see stories just like this one above. The best thing for this passenger was to be taken to a hospital and not treated on the ship.

Talk to a Cruise Ship Lawyer

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