Safe Travels During 4th of July Cruise Vacations!

We hope everyone who was (or is still) sailing during the July 4th holiday had (or is having) an enjoyable vacation.

With summer holidays for kids and with many people taking vacations during this time of year, cruise ships are fully loaded when they leave their ports in Florida.

In fact, during the summer here in Florida, Port Canaveral, the Port of Tampa, Port of Miami and others will welcome millions of passengers as they head out for their cruise.

Five Main Cruise Ports in Florida

Stay Safe on Your Cruise

As we related last year in another blog post, here are some quick tips for staying safe on your cruise this summer.

  • Watch the alcohol
  • Keep an eye on your children
  • Watch your step
  • Be careful around pools
  • Wash your hands

We wish you a safe and happy fourth of July vacation if you’re cruising. Have fun out there!