Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Passenger Drowns in Barbados

passengers drowning accident

A passenger who was traveling aboard the Grandeur of the Seas drowned at Pebbles Beach in Barbados. The man, a 72 year old from Ohio, was on an excursion from the Royal Caribbean vessel as it docked in Barbados. The incident occurred near the Hilton Hotel in St Michael and few details have been released.

According to reporting in, “local authorities have stated that the man was on a shore excursion from the cruise ship and the bus arranged to arrive at the beach just after 10:00 AM. Three people on the beach found him floating on the water and brought him back to land.

A local medical team attended to him but unfortunately, it was too late. It is not known if the drowning occurred during an excursion activity and if it was booked through the cruise line or not.” which covers news in St. Lucia and surrounding islands reported on Dec. 7 that, “Public Relations Officer, Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss shared that the now-deceased victim was on a Bus Tour from the ship which made the prearranged stop to the beach about 10.05 am. His body was found floating in the water and was brought to shore by three unknown individuals. He was treated by medical personnel from the Island Care Ambulance service who were onsite at the beach. He, however, showed no signs of life.”

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