Real Cruise Ship Passenger Injuries from August 2015

passengers need real medical help after cruise ship injuries

Real Injuries Happen to Real People

At Waks and Barnett, P.A. we speak with cruise ship passengers each and every week about their injuries.

Our firm is a cruise ship injury law firm and we work for our clients to help them get compensation from the cruise lines for accidents in which the cruise line was negligent in its actions, care and response.

People who need our help or who have questions about their legal rights or their ability to sue the cruise lines reach out to us by phone or through an emailed contact form.

To showcase the type of injuries that our clients have, we wanted to outline some of inquiries we received just this month so far.

**Note: not every inquiry results in a claim being filed against a cruise line. Sometimes, passengers (and crew members) are just gathering information because they don’t know what their course of action should be. Sometimes accidents are just “accidents” and no one is at fault.

But the people who are contacting our law firms are not attorneys and so they need consultation, guidance and direction. Some of this is provided within a free consultation that we provide.

August 2015 Cruise Ship Injury Inquiries – from Passengers

  • Spoiled food and food poisoning
  • Head, arm and chest injuries after trip and fall on deck
  • 2nd degree burns
  • Neck and back injuries resulting from a fall
  • Another passenger with 1st and 2nd degree burns

August 2015 Cruise Ship Injury Inquiries – from Crew Members

  • Disk herniation, severe pain, can’t work
  • Medical benefits dispute
  • Wrongful termination
  • Eye hemorrhage
  • Neck injury, several vertebrae

August 201: Some of the Cruise Lines Where Accidents Occurred

  • Princess Cruises
  • Carnival Cruises
  • Norwegian Jewel
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

If You Were Suffering From These Injuries, Wouldn’t You Want Answers?

Head, neck and back injuries can be quite serious, both initially and for the long term. As an injured party, it’s important for you to have all the information you can. If the cruise line was responsible for your injury in some way, wouldn’t you want to pursue a legal action against them in order to get them to fully help cover the costs of medical treatment, doctors visits, missed time at work or long term disability? Probably so.

Have More Questions?

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