Question About Fall on Carnival Cruise Leads to Inquiry

slip accidentSlip and fall accidents aboard cruise ships are by far the most common type of accidents that potential clients will contact us about.

Often, they will sustain a painful and life-altering injury. Generally, the receive medical care while on the ship and then when they’ve arrived home, the medical treatment and care continues.

In many cases, the injured passenger won’t even think to reach out to a law firm. Their mind has been focused on their injury and hasn’t turned to the inevitable ‘why did this happen’ line of thinking.

They’re dealing with a painful injury. They may be missing work or family events because of the pain. They’re spending time in hospitals and at the doctor getting the recovery treatment that they need.

It’s not until ‘things settle down’ that people stop to think, “hey, maybe I should talk to a lawyer – maybe I should get a second opinion.”

For example, the following is an inquiry our firm received from a passenger aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship Elation.

“My wife fell on the  as we were departing the ship. She fell on the Lido deck and busted her right knee and been having some slight problems with her back. We went to our doctor and he got x-rays taken and was recommended physical therapy. My wife has been in physical therapy since then as we been paying the bills and medical expenses. On the ship we filled out an accident report and have the names and phone numbers of two different eyewitness. We just want to be treated fairly by Carnival. Thanks”

Get better first?

Inquiries like this are typical and underscore a common line of thinking – ‘get better first, then see if maybe the cruise line has any liability or responsibility for the accident.’

Unfortunately though, a broken ankle or cracked ribs can take a long time to heal. More severe injuries – like stroke symptoms that were not recognized after a fall or incorrectly managed medical procedures – can result in life altering scenarios.

Why wait?

A passenger might spend the next 3 months in and out of hospitals. Conditions may worsen. Credit card bills and hospital bills will mount. Passengers may have taken a simple spill on the cruise ship and their lives are never the same.

Hesitating to make a phone call to a cruise ship injury lawyer could result in claims never being filed. Details of the accident may be forgotten or become hazy. Crew members and passengers who may have witnessed the accident may be impossible to track down.

While it’s tough to put recovery on hold, it’s also imperative for passengers to seek out an opinion of an attorney about their possible case. Experienced cruise ship lawyers can quickly determine whether your case has merit – and if so – what actions should be taken.

If you or someone you know was injured on a cruise ship, please call our firm. The call is free and there is no obligation.