Proper Steps to File a Lawsuit Against a Cruise Line

Getting injured on a cruise is relatively uncommon, but it does happen.

Cruise lines are usually highly reluctant to take responsibility for passenger injuries. Lawsuits are often the only way to get a cruise line to do what is right. If you are injured on a cruise, it is important to follow the proper steps to file a cruise lawsuit. Failing to do so will decrease your odds of receiving appropriate compensation.

The first thing to do if you have been injured on a cruise is to document your injury.

It helps if you can immediately take photos that depict both the injury itself and the place where the injury occurred. Taking photos is a good habit to be in, even if you have no plans to file suit. It is a common practice to take photos after car accidents. Logically, it is also a good practice to take photos after cruise ship accidents.

See a doctor to treat your injury. A doctor’s visit will also serve to further document your injury. Even if you are already planning to file suit, it is important that you never call an attorney before seeking medical advice. This action looks suspicious, and it almost always causes a case to be thrown out by the courts.

After you have seen a doctor, contact a qualified attorney.

Securing the services of an experienced attorney is essential to a lawsuit’s success. Your attorney will guide you through subsequent steps.

The next step is usually to inform the cruise line of your injury. Many cruise lines include rules in their fine print about how long passengers have to report injuries. Often this time period is six months. Passengers are bound to these rules. Your attorney will make sure that you properly inform the cruise line in writing with a certified proof of delivery. Keep a copy of all correspondence.

A last word of advice is not to waste time. You do not have forever to bring a lawsuit against a cruise line. In most cases you only have one year to file a lawsuit after an injury.

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