Princess Cruises Lawsuit Alleges Cruise Line Failed to Follow Applicable Safety Guidelines and Regulations

According to the Northern California Record, “a passenger is suing Princess Cruise Lines. alleging negligence led to injuries for the plaintiff. Diane Geiger filed a complaint Feb. 2 in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California against Princess Cruise Lines Ltd., Dr. Jacobus D. Venter and Dr. Shannon D. Callaway, alleging they failed to follow applicable safety guidelines and regulations.”

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While this is not a client of ours, it does highlight the fact that lawsuits against cruise lines do occur — and occur for many reasons. This time, the accident apparently happened after the passenger fell when her foot was caught in a defective bed covering and sustained injuries to her wrist. They passenger claims the medical staff did not treat her injuries per appropriate safety guidelines and regulations.

For this particular injury lawsuit, the claim had to be made in a California court — different than a Carnival Cruise line lawsuit for example which would be made in a Florida court.

Ineptitude, ineffective treatment and medical malpractice are not uncommon aboard cruise ships. Unfortunately, passengers can go untreated or be mistreated by medical staff on the cruise ship or at port locations. The result for victims is increased symptoms, unnecessary pain and frustration, missed time at work, extensive medical bills and insurance complications.

However, passengers who are victims of medical malpractice by the cruise ship’s medical staff can hold the cruise lines accountable in a court of law.

Though it can be difficult to prove misdiagnosis, mistreatment and negligence, and experienced personal injury law firm like ours can help. When you call our office, we will investigate and evaluate your claim, then outline the legal approach that should be taken.

While the entire Princess Cruise Lines Passage Contract is long and difficult to read if you’re not an attorney, here is the part of the ticket contract that dictates where a lawsuit must be filed and litigated.

Claims for Injury, Illness or Death: All claims or disputes involving Emotional Harm, bodily injury, illness to or death of any Guest whatsoever, including without limitation those arising out of or relating to this Passage Contract or Your Cruise, shall be litigated before the United States District Courts for the Central District of California in Los Angeles, or as to those lawsuits over which the Federal Courts of the United States lack subject matter jurisdiction, before a court located in Los Angeles County, California, U.S.A., to the exclusion of the courts of any other country, state, city, municipality, county or locale. You consent to jurisdiction and waive any objection that may be available to any such action being brought in such courts.

Read the entire Princess Cruise Lines Passage Contract here.

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