Please Ask Us About Our Experience Representing Hurt Passengers Against Royal Caribbean

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With over 25 years of specialized focus on cruise ship injury accident lawsuits, our attorney have seen and heard just about everything.

We also understand the hesitation that comes with deciding whether to call a lawyer to help with your injury lawsuit – or whether not to call one. Many passengers contact the cruise lines first, then continue to work with them, even after the cruise lines make communicating difficult and ineffectual.

Quite often, it’s only after continued frustration in dealing directly with the cruise lines that passengers finally “throw their hands up” and call our firm.

Finding a cruise injury lawyer or law firm to help you is not always easy. We realize that.

After an injury and treatment, the last thing you may want to do is to contact a lawyer, but the truth is that our firm fully understands the complexities of dealing with cruise lines who generally don’t want to recognize your injury or provide you with compensation.

We can help you understand your rights – and – develop a plan for fighting Royal Caribbean for fair compensation within the law.

We’ll be happy to speak with you – on the phone or in person – about your case specifically – as well as our specific experience – representing other passengers in their lawsuits against Royal Caribbean.

Please let us know how we can help you.

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