Are You Really Physically Safe on a Cruise Vacation?

safe cruise shipsBooking a cruise and taking a vacation is supposed to be easy and relaxing.

But with so many reported injuries and accidents on cruise ships, passengers are unsure of how safe they really are.

Are you worried about your personal safety?

What about the safety of your family or friends?

It’s a question that cruise passengers are asking.

At our cruise ship injury law firm, we receive dozens of inquiries each month from passengers — and crew members — who suffered injuries after accidents. They range from slip and fall accidents to wrongful deaths (like the recent tour bus accident in Mexico that left 11 cruise ship passengers dead).

Here are some recent examples of what can go wrong on a cruise ship:

>> Norovirus Strikes Passengers on Ovation of the Seas:
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>> 87 Year Old Woman Taken From Cruise Ship by Coast Guard Near Norflk, VA After Injury:
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>> Unspeakable Tragedy as 8 Year Old Girl Dies After Fall on Carnival Cruise Ship Glory.
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>> Back Injury Aboard Cruise Ship Tender.
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These are just a few recent examples and ones that received some sort of media coverage.

With dozens of law firms across the United States (who focus almost exclusively on cruise ship accidents) multiplied by the dozens of inquiries received per month, there are literally thousands of accident and injury claims that are handled by attorneys.

But with millions of passengers embarking on cruise ships every year (~20+ million by industry accounts)…the likelihood of being hurt on a cruise ship is probably less than 1%.

That’s pretty good, right?

Well, yes. Your chances of being involved in an accident or suffering a physical injury are small. And yes, largely, cruise lines operate safely considering the amount of passengers they carry and the logistics involved.

With well over 25 years of experience managing cruise ship lawsuits and injury claims, we could share some downright scary stories of passengers who left on a cruise vacation expecting ‘sun and fun’ but came back with debilitating injuries to their ankles, back and head. And families who suffered through years of anguish after a life-altering incident happened.

It’s why we created this helpful article about staying safe on a cruise ship. We hope it helps future passengers leave and arrive safely with wonderful memories of their vacation.

Otherwise…you may potentially need the services of a personal injury attorney who’s experienced navigating the complicated legal steps need to bring action against the cruise lines if the accidents were their fault and they’re responsible for your injuries.

safe cruise shipsQuick tips on staying safe on your next cruise

>> Pay attention during the muster drill.
What is that? As Royal Caribbean says, A muster drill is a mandatory exercise with the objective to familiarize all guests and crew with the location (muster station) where they are to assemble in the unlikely event of an emergency. During this drill, additional safety information (i.e., how to don a life jacket) is presented.

>> Don’t run and/or be careful near the pools
You can expect the deck to be slippery here, not to mention there are a lot of people around generally. Relay this to your children as well.

>> Avoid dark hallways, stairwells and ‘seemingly abandoned’ parts of the ship.
Poor lighting could hide ripped carpeting, broken stairway handles or items like luggage left in a hallway that you could trip on. Secluded areas of the ship offer opportunities for theft and sexual assault. Sexual crimes on cruise ships are higher than anyone would expect.

>> Watch the alcohol
Pretty obvious, but over consuming can lead to a variety of accidents or put you in situations where you have limited control.

>> Know that restaurants and dining areas are danger areas
A moving ship. Food and grease on floors. Lots of people. The logistics involved increase the chances of accidents.

>> Ramps and tender vessels
These are other areas of the ship (or off the ship) that find passengers in trouble. Watch your step and listen to safety directions if given.

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Unfortunately, excursion accidents like this are not uncommon, with many leading to personal injury and wrongful death suits filed against the cruise lines. Waks and Barnett, P.A. has successfully handled many of these cases over the past 25 years.