Passengers on Christmas Cruise Shocked by Bloody Elevator Scene

In one of the more gruesome stories we’ve heard (and now seen) about cruise injuries and deaths, the accident that occurred aboard the Carnival Ecstasy may have been one of the worst.

Reports from Fox 4 News in Ft. Myers Florida shows video taken by passengers who were on a Christmas cruise vacation. What they documented looked like something from a horror movie — blood streaming down from an elevator.

Watch Fox 4 Video Below (3 minutes, 1 second in length)

Bloody mystery

Early reports suggest that a Carnival employee, 66-year-old Jose Sandoval Opazo, was the victim. The accident is apparently under investigation.

It’s not clear yet why the cruise worker was in the elevator shaft or how the accident occurred.

For passengers — and certainly crew alike — it made for an unforgettable and sad scene, especially during what should have been a happy holiday cruise.

Read the full story here at Fox 4 in Ft. Myers.