Passenger Injured by Champagne Cork on Norwegian Cruise Liner

In an unfortunate accident, a Norwegian Cruise Ship passenger was hurt when a champagne cork  struck her eye. Injuries, even unusual ones such as this, occur with frequency aboard all cruise ships. While most cruise ship vacations are enjoyable and safe, the potential for painful injury exists.

From the NY Post….

A woman who was popping bottles on a cruise ship as her Caribbean vacation began Wednesday was injured when she was struck in the eye by a flying champagne cork and had to be rescued by NYPD harbor police, sources said.

The woman was on the Norwegian Gem cruise ship just off the coast of the city after leaving New York at around 7:00 when the dangerous bottle was uncorked, according to sources.

She was taken by a rescue boat to Staten Island before being transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

And from gCaptain…

Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Gem was caught in a tricky situation last Wednesday night while trying to evacuate a passenger who was suffering from an eye injury caused by a flying champagne cork.

The cruise ship was rapidly drifting sideways near the Verrazano Bridge Narrows directly toward an anchored tanker while the New York Fire Department’s fireboat Fire Fighter II and a New York City police boat were working to facilitate the transfer of the injured passenger.

As this video shows, the cruise ship pivoted her stern to miss the anchored tanker which was silhouetted by the lights of the cruise ship behind her.

The transfer was aborted and the transfer eventually occurred outside of the Narrows.