Passenger Goes Missing From MS Amsterdam Cruise Ship

passenger overboard

Various new outlets report that a woman has gone missing from the MS Amsterdam cruise ship as it was heading from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

According to, it is believed the woman – a 69 year old U.S. citizen – went overboard after she was noticed to be missing at around 9:00 AM the morning of May 8. A witness said she either jumped or fell.

Apparently, the passenger possibly went overboard around 1 am. After the cruise ship staff was notified, the vessel turned around to begin a search for where the passenger was believed to have gone overboard.

Additionally from, “No further details are known but it is likely marine authorities from Ireland and any nearby vessels have been assisting in the search. With the harsh condition of the Atlantic, it is unlikely the woman would be able to survive for long. It is not known if she intentionally went overboard.”

The vessel was sailing on a 20 night cruise from Europe to Florida.

The MS Amsterdam is a cruise ship owned and operated by Holland America Line.

Additional Coverage

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