Miami Cruise Industry Influencing Senate Vote of Corporate Taxes?

A very interesting article in the Miami New Times, Miami’s Cruise Industry Gave $23,500 to Senator Who Stopped New Cruise Tax, details campaign contribution made to a Republican Senator who had had influence over bill amendments that would have taxed a portion of the cruise lines revenue.

From the article…

Next time you see a cruise ship at PortMiami, consider this: Because of a loophole in the U.S. tax code, the companies that rake in billions of dollars each year selling cruises to Kid Rock fans and spring breakers pay no corporate income tax.

The Senate’s new tax reform bill originally intended to change that fact. Major cruise lines would have been forced to pay taxes on a portion of their income, putting an extra $70 million in the national coffers each year.

The amendments were not made and cruise lines continue to pocket billions, tax free.

It does make you wonder — if they’re focused on not paying taxes, are they similarly focused on not paying for medical bills, pain and suffering for passengers who were hurt on their cruise ships?

Read the full article here:

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