Malfunctioning Fin Stabilizers Allegedly Cause Cruise Ship to Tilt, Injuring Passengers

A federal lawsuit was filed against Carnival Cruise Line as three passengers claim they were injured when the Carnival Sunshine tilted for 60 seconds as it was leaving Port Canaveral in October 2018.

The tilting action caused passengers, furniture and other items not bolted down to fall to the floor. Several passengers reported injuries, though mostly minor.

Three passengers however, Susan and Charles Orgbon of Georgia and Alveta Jordan Armstrong of North Carolina, claimed more extensive injuries their spine, wrists and knees. The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District of the Southern District of Florida, says the cruise line did not properly train its crew about maintaining the fin stabilizers. These stabilizers are important in that they help prevent up and down movement as the ship is sailing. The alleged negligence in training led directly to the tilting incident which led to the passenger injuries.

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Below is a video that explains how stabilizers keep cruise ships stable in rough waters.