Jury Awards Waks & Barnett Client More Than $2 Million in Medical Negligence Claim

On March 1, a federal jury awarded one of our clients more than $2 million in damages.

The passenger, a 47 year old man from Trinidad and Tobago claimed that the Norwegian Cruise Lines medical staff was negligent in failing to provide proper treatment after diagnosing him with a heart attack and that he suffered heart muscle damage as a result of the negligent care.

NCL argued that their doctors were not negligent, that the heart damage had already occurred by the time the Plaintiff presented to the infirmary and that they had actually saved his life.

Waks & Barnett, P.A.’s Andrew Waks, Gary Friedman of Friedman & Friedman, P.A. and appellate attorney Phil Parrish, tried the case. After a 5 day trial and 4 hours of deliberation, the jury found in Plaintiff’s favor.

Per coverage in the Miami Herald, “on March 1, the jury found NCL negligent and awarded the passenger $84,000 for loss of past and future services, $800,000 for future medical expenses and $1.2 million for pain and suffering, loss of capacity for enjoyment of life.”