Injured Passenger Airlifted From Disney Cruise Ship By Coast Guard After Fall Down Stairs

Another passenger had to be airlifted from a cruise ship, this time from Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wonder.

News reports from today say that…

…a 66-year-old woman was airlifted from a cruise ship after she fell down a flight of stairs shortly after the ship departed Galveston. The Coast Guard said in a statement Tuesday that the woman, who was not identified, suffered a skull fracture and bleeding.

This quote comes from a report from CBS News in Dallas Fort Worth.

Accident and injuries caused by negligence are relatively common aboard Disney Cruise ships. While unfortunate, the reality is that with so many people traveling on cruise ships each year, accidents do happen. Sometimes they are “just accidents” and sometimes, negligent actions by the cruise line, the crew or others play a role in the accident.

In this particular incident, no other details were reported.

However, it’s important to know that, if you were injured on a cruise, you do have legal rights and opportunities to file complaints against the cruise line.

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