I Broke My Leg on a Cruise – Can I Sue for the Injury?

A broken leg is simply no fun, especially if it occurs while you’re on a cruise vacation.  There is pain, inconvenience, lost time doing fun events and perhaps medical bills, missed  time at work and ongoing pain to contend with.

If you’ve broken a leg or ankle on your cruise and you believe you did so due to the negligence of the cruise ship’s crew members or because of a forseeable issue with the boat, then you might have reason for filing a claim.

Can I sue a cruise line if I broke my leg?

The answer to that depends on the circumstances. How did it happen? What caused the accident? How did crew members respond?

Your ability to file a claim depends on the ‘who, what, when, why and where’ of the accident or injury. There are dozens of questions a cruise ship injury attorney will ask you to get a clear understanding of the circumstances.

Call an cruise ship injury attorney.

If you suffered a broken leg on a cruise and have questions about your ability to file a claim, the first step would be to contact a cruise ship injury attorney, especially one experienced in handling cruise ship accidents, injuries and illnesses.

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