Hurt While Parasailing on a Cruise Ship Excursion?

Parasailing can be a wonderfully enjoyable activity when everything goes well. Many people do it everyday while at the beach or on vacations. It’s also a popular cruise ship excursion activity.

But over the last few years, there have been too many instances where parasailing accidents have occurred and have lead to dangerous and deadly situations – way too many in fact.

Have you been injured while parasailing?

Now, the National Transportation Safety Board is looking into parasailing. Read their Parasailing Alert here.

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What you may not know is that it is a relatively unregulated industry. Frankly, that’s scary and dangerous! When you step onto a boat that offers parasailing, you may literally be taking your life in your hands.

Imagine cruising to the islands in the Caribbean on a Carnival cruise ship, Disney, Royal Caribbean or other cruise line. Then, on one of your days in port you and your family head out for a shore excursion to go parasailing.

You may or may not encounter a company that is following correct safety procedures. How would you know? Taking that chance is scary when you know about the potential for accidents and injury to you and your family.

Our goal here is to help you understand the inherent dangers in unregulated activities like parasailing. It’s up to you to ask about safety procedures – both with the provider of the activity and from representatives with the cruise line if they helped you book the parasailing excursion.

  • Ask questions – judge the answers
  • Look over the boat – does it “look” safe?
  • Talk with other people who’ve parasailed with that company
  • Talk to any local tourism officials if possible


Injured while parasailing during a cruise ship excursion? Our attorneys may be able to help you file an injury claim and seek compensation for your injuries.

Cruise Lawyers at Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami.
Cruise Lawyers at Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami.

Our first step would be to speak with you about your injury and the circumstances related to your accident. The goal is to understand the connection between your injury and any negligence that may have contributed to the accident.

We can also help people here in Florida that have been injured in a parasailing accident as well.

For a free consultation, please contact the cruise ship accident lawyers of Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami. Call 1-800-905-2891.