How to stay safe on your next cruise vacation


It’s a simple fact and one that we see quite often. People do become sick or do suffer injuries while on a cruise.

The reality is that it happens frequently, though serious accidents and death are relatively uncommon.

What is more how-to-stay-safe-on-cruise-shipcommon are accidents including slips, trips, falls and other mishaps caused by the rocking of the boat, unsteady footing, wet flooring and slippery areas.

These can lead to wrenched backs, bone breaks, bruising and concussions – or – more severe and life altering injuries.

It’s best to take note of potential hazards prior to boarding the cruise ship as well as when you are on board.

Take a quick tour of the boat to identify potential problem areas – open decks, poolside areas and areas around the restaurants.

The cruise lines will do their best to keep these areas clean, dry and free of obstacles but it’s a good idea to take caution into your own hands as well.

Personal safety starts with you.

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