How to Find Personal Injury Representation for Cruise Ship Accident Victims

Like most people, if you tripped and fell in a Wal-Mart store because of a freshly mopped floor that was unmarked by those little yellow caution signs, you might think, “hey, I should hire an lawyer to plead my case.”

Well, the same thought should go through your mind if you take a tumble on a Carnival Cruise ship or Royal Caribbean ship.

If you slipped, fell and broke an ankle because the desk was wet or you fell down an unlighted stairwell, you might just need a personal injury lawyer to work on your behalf.

Personal Injury Representation for Injured Cruise Passengers

The attorneys at Waks and Barnett, P.A. are available for consultation and consideration of all personal injury claims that result from cruise ship accidents – slip and falls, sexual harassment, medical mixups, food poisoning and much, much more. We are personal injury lawyers who work for passengers against the cruise lines.

Our attorneys work hard for you – and that’s not just a cliche. If you have been the victim of negligence or the victim of an accident and have to face stubborn employers, hospitals, insurance companies or OTHER LAWYERS WORKING FOR THE CRUISE LINES – then you need our help.

Please take a moment to find out if your case has merit. Call 800-905-2891.

Our experienced attorneys will consult with you personally and review your case thoroughly.

Your call is confidential – the consultation with an attorney is FREE.
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