How can a lawyer help in maritime legal cases?

Cases involving maritime law or cases where elements of the Jones Act are included can be confusing. Maritime law is complex and in many ways is different than other areas of the law.

If your case involved an injury at sea or an injury aboard a boat or other vessel, you would likely pursue the help of an attorney experienced with similar cases – not a general attorney that handles car accidents, divorces or business law.

In fact, attorneys who don’t handle maritime law cases will often refer you to an attorney who does. It’s not worth their time because of the complexity of the law. It’s also not worth your time as an inexperienced attorney will be much less successful representing your case if they don’t have the proper background.

Often, attorneys who specialize in maritime law are called maritime attorneys or Jones Act lawyers. Sometimes their referred to as an admiralty attorney. And if you’re injury occurred on a cruise ship, you may seek out a cruise ship injury lawyer.

All of these ‘types’ of attorneys practice variations of maritime law and aspects of various maritime and personal injury law. The circumstances of your injury or claim will dictate what type of attorney you should work with.

You may be an injured:

  • cruise ship passenger
  • cruise ship crew member
  • commercial vessel worker, seamen or crew
  • recreational boater
  • owner or operator of a commercial vessel

A maritime lawyer can help you by:

  • offering accurate and actionable legal consultation
  • helping to answer questions that you might have
  • offering up strategy and legal direction
  • navigating the complexity of maritime law
  • representing you in the appropriate court of law

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