Legal Help for Victims of Mexican Bus Crash Involving Royal Caribbean Passengers

As time has passed since the deadly bus crash that involved passengers from Royal Caribbean ships, it’s important to note that victims and family members will have questions about why the accident happened and what should be done next.

Passengers from Celebrity Equinox and the Serenade of the Seas were riding on a sightseeing bus in Mexico in December. The bus crashed, leaving 12 dead and many injured. It was one of the worst travel related accidents we’ve seen over the last year and has affected many passengers and their families.

As investigations continue into the cause of the accident, victims are left searching for an explanation. With regards to legal questions there are numerous resources for victims and family members to turn to.

They may want to know:

“Who was at fault, who is responsible?”
“Is the bus company liable?”
“Is the cruise line who I booked the tour through responsible?”
“Do I have legal rights?”
“Should I sue someone?”
“Can I sue someone?”
“Who do I call to help me?”

And while Waks and Barnett is one resource for answering questions like these, there are many available.

Waks and Barnett, P.A. | Admiralty and Maritime Law

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Unfortunately, excursion accidents like this are not uncommon, with many leading to personal injury and wrongful death suits filed against the cruise lines. Waks and Barnett, P.A. has successfully handled many of these cases over the past 25 years.