Great Question for Passengers – Why Are There No Lifeguards on Cruise Ships?

Fox News poses a question we’ve wondered about for years – “Why Are There No Lifeguards on Cruise Ships?”

cruise ship personal injury attorneys ask why there are no lifeguards on cruise ships

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Last month, a 4-year-old boy drowned aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, and his 6-year-old brother was seriously injured. Last fall, a Florida 6-year-old drowned aboard a Carnival cruise ship — just a few months after a Minnesota 4-year-old was left brain damaged after a near drowning aboard a Disney ship.

Where were the lifeguards? You might be surprised to learn that on cruise ships — even those that typically carry 1,000 kids or more at a time — there most likely won’t be lifeguards. That may be true at resorts, too.

Too many times we’ve spoken to parents of children who suffered injuries while at the pool on a cruise ship. It’s never a good call. As parents ourselves, it difficult to hear about these injuries, especially as most of them were preventable. Having lifeguards working the pools could have a tremendous impact on the safety of children, teens and yes, parents too.

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