Good Decision – Disney Cruise Lines to Add Lifeguards to Pools

In a move that should have happened previously aboard Disney ships (as well as aboard the other cruise ships within the industry), Disney Cruise Line has made the decision to have lifeguards at their pools.

lifeguards at disney cruises

And while passenger satisfaction is probably priority number one for all cruise lines, passenger safety is a large component of that.

A parent is much more likely to feel secure that they now have an ‘extra pair of eyes’ watching out for their children, an important thought when you think about the commotion and movement found poolside on cruise ships.

Lifeguards To Work Disney Cruise Ship Pools

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Disney Cruise Line quietly became the first major cruise line to have lifeguards onboard its ships in late September when it began stationing them at its family pools on Disney Dream and Disney Magic. Disney Fantasy and Disney Wonder will get lifeguards by mid-November.

The lifeguards are always on duty, so long as the family pool is open. The pool is closed at night, and sometimes closed during bad weather or special events.

Disney said it regularly evaluates onboard practices and makes changes when necessary. Like at most hotels and resort, cruise ships do not employ lifeguards at their pools.

The move comes six months after a four-year-old boy nearly drowned just hours after getting on Disney Fantasy. Two weeks ago a six-year-old boy drowned onboard a Carnival cruise ship.

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