Florida man charged with tossing wife off cruise ship

Carried in both the Orange County Register and the Associated Press (as well as other media outlets)…read the full story here

This is a sensational and sad story, and fortunately one not generally associated with cruise vacations. However, the reality is that incidents can and do occur on cruise ships as we’ve seen in new reports like this one…

A California grand jury has indicted a Florida man on charges he strangled his ex-wife and tossed her off a cruise ship in Italy.

The Orange County Register says 55-year-old Lonnie Kocontes, of Safety Harbor, Fla., didn’t enter a plea at his arraignment Monday. He was indicted Friday on a charge of murder for financial gain.

He’ll try to have the case dismissed at a June 26 hearing, arguing that local authorities lack jurisdiction to prosecute.

Kocontes and 52-year-old Micki Kanesaki were divorced but had lived together on and off in Mission Viejo. They were sharing a cabin on a 2006 cruise when she went overboard. Her body later washed ashore.

An investigation began after Lonnie Kocontes began taking money from her accounts. He was arrested earlier this year.

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