Experience matters greatly when hiring a cruise ship injury lawyer


Quite simply, experience matters when hiring a cruise ship injury lawyer.

Maritime law is complex and circuitous. It takes a special lawyer or law firm who is experienced in working for passengers – or crew – to successfully manage claims against the cruise lines.

Unlike many other legal specialties, maritime law is often complicated and multi-layered.   Cases filed against the cruise lines require a specific approach, and an attorney not familiar with the ‘system’ may very quickly prove to be ineffectual for their client.

Your local attorney will likely be unfamiliar with what direction to take on your case, how to proceed within the court system and what tactics and strategies will be most effective in battling the cruise lines.

When hiring a cruise ship injury attorney, here are a few thoughts or questions you should consider.

Check out the attorney’s track record and past experience. Will they share that information with you?

Look online for reviews or ask them personally about other cases. Ask direct questions about their success rate.

Do they have specific experience managing a case similar to yours? Have they gone to court?

Will they talk about how other past cases might be similar to yours and what merit your claim might have?

Will they advise you on the strategy they plan to take to represent your case?

Will they be honest with you? Some claims against the cruise lines don’t warrant a claim being filed. Others might offer only a slim chance of success – and is it worth the time, effort and financial costs that will be involved? Not every case is a ‘slam dunk’.

Can they help you with your issues with other parties – insurance companies, employers – or with specific issues – hospital bills, debt incurred due to your injury?

Can you evaluate their team? Attorneys don’t generally work alone. A team of paralegals and support staff will also likely be involved. Know if your lawyer works with a team and see how that benefits them or doesn’t.

Choosing the right cruise injury attorney could greatly impact your future well-being.

Your well-being and your finances can be greatly impacted, positively or negatively, based on your decision. The more the lawyers know about your issue and the more they know about fighting against the cruise lines, the more they will be able to help you.

As we know, experience matters greatly. Look for an attorney who specializes in cruise ship injury law, is experienced and who understands the specific legal process involved.

**Maritime and cruise injury law are different from other areas of the law. You need an attorney experienced in these matters. A local car accident attorney is not going to fare well on your behalf when engaged with experienced defense attorneys working for the cruise lines. We can’t stress that enough!

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